Sunday, July 1, 2012

Am I Reincarnated?

Reincarnation is still to be proven but a lot of people have been made into believing this phenomenon as they have seen some similarities or have been in situations that made them truly believe that they have past lives. So let me just tell you what I know about this topic. Our universe holds a lot of mysteries and sometimes we wonder about those. I, myself, have been intrigued with life itself. I don't hold any religious principles while writing this. I don't have scientific evidence either to prove myself. In fact, I'm not going to prove that I'm right. I'm simply writing this one to voice out my curiosity of the topic and hopefully, in turn, would make you curious, too.

I heard my friend before that soulmates are actually one spirit that was divided into two. Well, I don't actually believe in the possibility before. I have read a lot of books about reincarnation and life after death but they only made me question on the topic more. I have also heard about urban legends, for example, the similarities between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. It's a popular legend, some of it aren't true. But there are similarities.

You might wonder what happens when a person dies. After a person's death, his spirit or energy ascends. Where to? Legends have it that when another person dies, another one lives. Those legends might not exist until today if they didn't have a little truth in them.

The spirit might look for a vessel to transfer to: another being. If it doesn't find one, it will stay until it can search for one. The vessel and the spirit must match; otherwise, it will leave the body sooner as it gets there. Spirits may have memories; only that they are trapped into our subconscious. During deep meditations and sometimes, in our dreams, those memories would seep through. Of course, you might not remember it or regard it as something not true since it didn't actually happen in your lifetime.

Today, I have found out something. If legends were true that I have lived after a person died. The most likely person who have been my past life was Yusaku Matsuda. He was a Japanese actor and he died on my birthday. I have always been fascinated with Japanese culture and arts since I was a child and have always dreamed of going there. Also, it was my childhood dream to be acting in the theater. I would usually write scripts for our school plays and would make short films for the amusement of others. It could happen to anyone but this one fact, startled me. Yusaku's mother had intentionally recorded a wrong birth date on his records. The same as mine. (Please refer to my previous post Happy Birthday from Mom).

Well, that's all for now. I don't fully believe in the theory myself but I always keep an open mind to "what if's" and other possibilities.

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