Monday, March 5, 2012

The Vow

Today, I plan to make it up for lost time with my best friend. We haven't seen each other for days and I really miss her so much. So I planned to treat her out for a movie and since The Vow is in cinemas.

The film, The Vow, showed up during Valentine's Day in the U.S. and only now was it shown in theaters here in the Philippines. But I did not dare miss it (especially because Channing Tatum is the lead actor). The story tells about how a married couple who suddenly drifted apart because of an accident that cost the woman's memory.

Paige, played by Rachel McAdams, doesn't have any memory of her husband, Leo (Channing Tatum). Her recent memory was being in law school and engaged with her former love, Jeremy. She can't remember being in love or married to her husband.

Realizing this, Leo was determined to retrieve her memory and get their married life back on track. But it wasn't that easy.

I was intrigued with how the characters will get back together. I sent my best friend a message to meet me in the theater. I got there first--just 15 minutes before the first showing comes up. She was on her way. I bought two tickets for us and waited for her. I was a bit hungry so I thought of buying some popcorn and drinks for us. While I was at the counter, I turned my head around the area looking for a sign of my best friend when I suddenly caught a familiar face...a very familiar face: my boyfriend... with another woman. Well, that pretty much settles everything.

I was shaking when I paid at the counter. I wanted to go to him and punch him in the face but he already went inside the theater. So I gave him a message asking if the woman who's with him is his girlfriend. He replied like he was oblivious to the situation. He's a total jerk. When I told him that I was in the theater he finally told the truth...through text messaging. (gawd! he doesn't even have the balls to be honest!) Thank God my best friend arrived and I tried to hide my shaking. My best friend hates him to the core. Now I know why.

The movie was already starting when we went inside and I couldn't internalize the first scenes because of what I had seen. He was texting me trying to apologize (which was pointless and downright bullsh*t) and that he wants to be a better man and that he tried to work things out between us (he was talking nonsense). I said my last goodbye (it was futile to continue with the crap) and told him that he was the biggest mistake that ever happened in my life.

It was ironic experiencing those things while watching a romantic movie. I was more than glad that my best friend was there to support me. She made me laugh and we made silly jokes while watching the movie and I realized how much I missed her. I realized how so much time I had wasted with dating and having relationships with a bunch of A holes. I was more than determined to pick myself up and get on with my life.

I cried a tear or two when the movie ended. Partly because I'm hurt but mostly because I'm relieved. Relieved that I knew about it before it was too late. The movie showed unconditional love and proved that if things are meant to be...they will be. I want to believe that there's someone meant for me too. Maybe not now, but there will be. I deserve a chance to happiness. I'll search for my ever after.

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